Interior Remodeling


It’s easy to imagine that we love our large-scale projects, where we get to make amazing changes to a client’s kitchen, bath, or basement.  Yet not every new project is large, and not every project fits neatly into one of those categories.  One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “Do you have a minimum project size?”  And the answer is, without question, “Definitely not!”  In fact, we really enjoy the smaller projects just as much as the larger ones.  We believe that smaller projects are a great way for a new client to get to know our company, to witness first-hand the type of people we are, and to experience the quality of our work. 

Whether you’re thinking of replacing a light fixture, upgrading your interior doors or trim, railings, fireplaces, new flooring, or just about any other interior improvement project, we hope you’ll make us your first call!  We have extensive experience with all types of interior remodeling, and we’d be happy to help you with any project you may have in mind.  We even offer handyman services, for those quick fixes you need to keep your home up and running.  Is there something we can help you with today?  We’ll look forward to talking with you soon!